FotoMagico 4.5-19599 introduced some audio track anomalies

I’ve been working on a slideshow for the last week (in FotoMagico 4.4.8-19388) that includes audio tracks that have fade in/fade out points manually adjusted, but basically the volume has been set to 100% throughout each track (from beginning to end). Everything looked good.

I just updated to v4.5 this morning and when I opened the slide show for the first time in the newest version, every track’s audio has been changed. It starts at 0%, goes up to 100% in just a second or two, goes straight down to almost 10%, and then ramps slowly up to 100% at the end of the track (so the audio gets louder and louder through it’s 3+ or 4+ minutes of playing time).

Now I need to re-adjust all of the audio tracks back to what they were.

A glitch in the new version??



Hi Stan, that doesn’t sound good, is it possible to share this slideshow with me so we can analyze what goes wrong? You could upload it to e.g. and send me a link as a private message in the forum or mail it to (directed to me)

Hi, Bastian –

I’m not familiar with (and I see there’s a sign-up fee).

I’m trying to load it to my DropBox account now, but it’s taking a while. And we’re leaving tomorrow for a one-week vacation in the Eastern Caribbean. Wish I could just upload it as an e-mail attachment, but it’s 830MB in size. I’ll let you know if and when it’s ready, or we’ll just have to wait until I get back next week.

One question, though – does transferring the FM file also INCLUDE the music tracks, or do I need to send those to you individually (pain)?

I noticed a semi-workaround (but not a solve) – by keeping the anomalous fade ins/outs and volumes on one track, and re-importing the same audio to another track starting at the same time frame, the audio options on the newly imported audio track revert to their default settings as though they had come in the first time.

So, it looks like the problem is opening a FM file from an older version into the newer 4.5 version. If starting a new project in the new version, I think it works as expected.

Sorry – trying this again – I see retransfer DOES have a FREE service…

Hi, Bastian –

Okay, managed to strip out everything but the first two audio tracks AND the slides that go along with them, then I zipped the file and sent it to you via Again, not sure if the music tracks will show or not (don’t know if they are embedded in the FM file). Hope it works…



Thanks for the slideshow. I can reproduce the issue here. Engineering will look at it ASAP.

Thanks, Bastian – good at least that it was reproducible.

I will be out until Sept 20 with scattered, if any, internet access. I’ll check back here when possible.

Same problem here. I’ve got three presentations next week and this is a huge problem. Please HEEELLLPP.

Please supply a download link so we can revert to the previous version. This is a disaster.

I have the same problem and have sent sample files to support. Waiting for fix. I wonder why 4.5 has not been removed from the download page;

I agree. You should remove 4.5 from the download page. This is a major issue.

I noticed that FM 4.5.1 has been released. I installed it, and the above problem has been fixed!! Thanks, guys :slight_smile: