Fotomagico 4.4 locking up when splitting video with C key in Timeline mode

Hi. I just watched the webinar video for version 4.4 and decided to try out the new feature of cutting videos in timeline mode by pressing the C key. I’m having some issues: I was using a video that is over a minute long. I was able to make a few cuts, but then hitting C caused all of the video to disappear from the right of where I’d hit the C key and Fotomagico’s cursor changed to the spinning beach ball and I had to force-quit. I tried another video and had the same problem.

I am using an older IMac with a 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo processor and 4GB of RAM and I’m running Mavericks.

Me again: I have related question. When scrubbing a video in Timeline mode, if I let go of the mouse button, the playhead snaps back to the beginning of the video. Because of this, I have to keep holding down my mouse button when scrubbing a video if I want to split it up by hitting the C key. Is there a way to make the playhead not snap back to the beginning so that when I let go of my mouse button, the playhead stops exactly where it was when I let go of the button?

i cant cut at all a video … just by pressing c key at a certain position?

and i have the same problem as mirsky with playhead snapping back to the beginning

@roland: This is a new feature that @Mirsky is talking about: You can move the playhead in the timeline to any position in your animation and while doing so you can hit “c” on your keyboard and FotoMagico will split the current slide slot into two but keeping the current animation positions. Because the “Start/Finish” editor above the animation requires that the playhead stays at the beginning of a slide slot the playhead will always snap back to this position once you release your mouse button. I can see that this is inconvenient if you are trying to cut very long movies.

@Mirsky: It would be very helpful for us, if you can reproduce the issue with the spinning beach ball, then open the “Activity Monitor” app by Apple, selecting the “FotoMagico (not responding)” app here and hit the “Sample Process” button in the toolbar of this app. Please send the generated report to support(at) with a reference to this forum post. Thanks!

thanks achim, but first i have to update to fm 4.4 … mea culpa :wink: