fotomagico 4.2.1 crashes repeatedly when adjusting zoom

Hi, Is anyone else experiencing repeated Fotomagico crashes when adjusting the zoom feature in storyboard mode? These crashes occur approximately every 10 - 15 images when adjusting the zooming perimeters. I’ve been a FM user for 3 years, and never encountered this issue. How about you?

I just finished building a memorial Presentation (funeral service) for a client using 4.2.1 and had several crashes and sent the logs to Fotomagico. I had crashing even when moving a thumbnail to a different location in the storybook mode. So thankful though that the worse crash deleted only about 4 or 5 of the most recent processes I made in the building of the presentation. I also worked on a very large presentation which I have been working on over the past year and had several severe crashes but didn’t lose any of the work thankfully. I am wondering since this build went through a major upgrade and also various updates over that time if that was part of the problem. …besides this I am really pleased with the quality of the output when viewed particularly with the MacBook Pro and HD TV combination and by running a Stand Alone version. Bill

@imager: Thanks for reporting and sending in the crashlogs. I looked them through and they all showing the same pattern. It looks like the graphic card driver for your AMD Radeon X3000 is having trouble when trying to copy memory around. Maybe you are running other apps in the background eating up the video RAM?

@imager: Our developers found a bug thats actually eating up the VRAM in FotoMagico. It will be fixed in the next release. Sorry about that!