Fotomagico 3 RE?

I have Fotomagico 2.6.1 and Fotomagico Home 3.7.6. I recently got a copy of Roxio’s Toast 11 Pro and it includes “Fotomagico 3 RE”. What version is RE, specifically? A special promo version? Will it overwrite or dumb-down a version I currently use? Should I allow it to install?
–Thanks for help on this.

You can view the differences of Home, RE and Pro here:

RE has different features, but you can install it in a different folder than your applications folder if you want to be safe…

I get a copy of Fotomagico 3 RE with Roxio’s Toast 11 Pro. The version included is the 3.7.5.

Is this version compatible with Mac OS X Lion?

Where I can found free update for this version?


We are currently working on this and will release an update for the Roxio Edition soon. You will be notified or can check wether it is available through menubar -> FotoMagico -> Check for Updates.

Hi Rudolf,
thanks a lot…