Fotomagico 3.8

FotoMagico 3.8 is waiting approval for the Mac App Store. We will release it as soon as this has been granted.



Do we have to go through the Mac App Store to download all updates now ? can I not download it as before through FM itself ??

OK, I have just downloaded a version 3.8 from your website, is this a finished version ?? I ask because I have had no notification of it , and sorry to say but the Title is still broken, so it has become unusable for me at the moment as my upcoming slides need a lot of text in-between each slide,

Could you please specify which exact problem you are having with the titles right now? Yes, 3.8 is a “finished” version.

I have tried to download the new 3.8 version 2 times and it crashes after download so I’m not successful in getting the new 3.8 - you have my crash reports.
What should I do?

By using this link - I was finally successful in downloading and installing 3.8 so now I’m all set.

A little late but I just downloaded it and really like some of the changes. I love the new transitions especially flash and bad tv. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

I’ve had FM Home for awhile now… I wanted the extra features of FM pro. I upgraded the license for $120. But the program I downloaded is the same as FM Home… The info menu just says FM 3.8. Where are the multiple audio tracks? The added transitions? etc. Did I download wrong program? HELP!!

You don’t need to download another version, the new license which you should have received via email “unlocks” the Pro features. For the additional audio tracks click the “+” button at the left bottom of the timeline.
You can view all the differences between Home and Pro on our comparison website:

I have experienced already many painful crashes working with my FM 3.8.1 pro license…is there a workaround for this obviously buggy program version? Thank you!

If this occurs at a certain action in FotoMagico, please email us at support(at)boinx(dot)com. If you are feeling that those crashes are random, please keep sending in the crash reports, they go directly into our developer database and will help improving future updates. Thanks!

Apologies for harsh words! I am definitely within your fan group and encourage you to keep developing this attractive programme. The crashes occured randomly IMHO. I will keep sending you the feed-backs and wait for improvements.