focusable web cam for macs?

Hi, I have 2 Istop motion programs.
iStopMotion 1 works on our old mac powerbook
iStopMotion 2 Home program that works on my MacBook Pro

Our trouble is with cameras. Our Nikon s8000 doesn’t work with either. The isight works with the istop motion 1 , but the focus is terrible.

Does anyone know of either a webcam that can be focused or a still camera that would work with istop motion 1 & 2?

Much appreciated,

The Hue HD web camera ( has a manual focus. I’ve used it with iStopMotion 2.

Craig Lauridsen

Hi Roz, Quicktime Broadcaster allows you to switch the iSight to manual focus. You can get the s/ware off the Apple site here:

On load, click video tab, then options button next to iSight source, then mechanics tab.

I’ve not tried this with ISM yet, but will be trying it with the boys on our next film as we want to use the iSight to get angles we couldn’t achieve with with the DSLR.

Hope useful, iSight is a good camera and worth playing around a little with it.

Best wishes,

Steven Buckley

I have been very happy with the Agent V6 (see: It has manual focus, shoots HD, and worked with iStopMotion right out of the box.