FM4 adding unwanted extra blank slide

Since a couple of updates ago, when you place a music track on the storyboard FM4 has been adding an extra blank slide at the end of the slideshow, after the music track. It’s impossible to get the music to sync with all the frames as stretching the track to cover the extra slide then causes another slide to be added, etc. etc. Has something changed? Am I missing something?

Seems to be a bug, we will have a look into it. Thanks for reporting!

Investigation shows that you can switch off “auto fade” for this audio item. Then you should be able to make the duration exactly as you like, but still there seems something odd because timeline and storyboard showing the audio duration in different ways.

Even with “auto fade” switched off I still have an extra blank slide at the end of the slideshow that I can’t delete. This is more of an issue than any problems with duration.

As a workaround for now you can select this blank slide, set its transition to “Cut” and the duration to a very short value.

Bit disappointed to see this bug hasn’t been addressed in the 4.3 update. Any chance of getting this fixed soon as it makes slideshow creation quite fiddly.

The bug (internal ticket ID #1680) has been postponed from 4.2 to 4.4, sorry about that!

I see this was never fixed. The most frustrating thing about FM4 for me.