Flip-Flop video switcher layer

I did a job this week where we pulled cameras into a hardware switcher and then used mimoLive for graphics/DVE/keying/multiview.

It was really nice to have both a traditional flip-flop video switcher for camera sources (I’ve really missed the preview/take workflow for camera switching) but still have all the power of mimoLive for graphics/etc.

I’d like to be able retain this behaviour in smaller productions where I’m doing everything in-the-box.

Can somebody who knows more than me about the Quartz layer internals explain if it’d be possible to implement a flip-flop video switcher as a mimoLive layer?

I’d imagine that this would make for a nicer experience for remote control surfaces, too - instead of a “CUT” and “TRANS” button for every input, having a bunch of “SELECT” buttons and then a pair of “CUT/TRANS” would mirror what a lot of people are used to from traditional switchers.


A PVW/PGM would def be handy yes. Especially with the more complex layers you can create with MimoLive it’s crucial to check and double what you send on-air. Now only the Switcher layer can do a sort of a preview, but layers can not be Preview. I understand the complexity of such an option, but it would be great to have!