Flickering / shimmering video output in FM4

To make an HD slideshow I’ve downsized my images to 200% of 1080 resolution. When I play back the H264 output video I get flickering / shimmering in the highlights - especially the verticals. I suspect I need to reduce to size of my images more, but any guidance / advice would be very helpful.

Thanks very much

Since my first post I’ve now downsized my stage settings to PAL 16x9 so I can make a DVD. My images are 200% the stage size (so 2048 x 1152) and I’m still getting flickering / shimmering on a number of my pan and zooms. I now have a few options to help me reduce the flickering / shimmering - on which I would really appreciate your views:

  1. Reduce the image size further - below the recommended 200% level, but this might introduce a quality issue. Not sure how far I can go…

  2. Add a 1 pixel motion (or gaussian) blur as I export my images from Lightroom - which might help…

  3. Export a 1024 = 576 Quicktime video from FM4 using the Apple Intermediate codec as recommended) and adding a blur (say at level 2) - which should also help by reducing detail slightly…

Views and advice welcome please!

Thanks very much


It depends on how much pixels you need on screen at a maximum. If you use zoom for your images in the slideshow, you will downsize your images to the biggest size of the zoom. If you don’t use zoom, you can downsize your images to 1:1 of the destination size.