Hi you all,
I am testing the Beta version, my I-MAC is still running under YOSEMITE. So far so good. I ve had already some “crashes”, reports were sent so Boinx will attend to them. The Intro and or Credit snippets show automatically the name of the " Author". I want to change that Authorfield, so that whenever I use a snippet it automatically will show the name that I have choosen. Has anyone an idea where that “Author” field is kept in the programm, and how can one change this field ?? Your comments suggestions will be appreciated

Try this, but FIRST make a copy of the FM beta app just in case you make a mistake :wink:

Right-click the app icon and click on “Show Package Contents” then drill down to Contents > Resources > Slideshows > Snippets. Now you’ll have to find the correct Snippet you want to change from within the 6 Snippet folders (Credits, Intros, Music, etc.) For example, go to Snippets > Intros > “Simple Intro.fms”. Now right-click again on THAT file, again choose “Show Package Contents” and you’ll see a “Slideshow.plist” file. Open that file with a text editor (I use TextWrangler, but Apple’s built in TextEdit should also work), and then do a search for either the word “author” or, if you already saw someone’s name when you first used the Snippet in the slide show, then search for that instead. Change the bogus sample name to your own name, and then save the edits. Close everything, and then re-start FM and the next time you access that Snippet, your name should show up instead. If it all works, then replace the original version of your FM beta app with the one you just changed, and you should be good to go. You can obviously edit other parameters in any of the other .plist files (just make sure you know what you’re doing if you’re trying to change something outside of your comfort zone!!!) Good luck :slight_smile:

Good afternoon, thanks for the response, Ive done like you wrote, but still it did not worked perfectly, but I have a kind a workaround: I make an fms of a snippet, change all that is neeeded, and save it as a snippet of my own and that works perfectly. In performing these actions, there were a lot of crashes, so also a lot of crash-reporting.

Hi Guys,

it is so easy, that you probably just didn’t think it’s that simple :wink:

Just select “Settings” in the Slideshow menu (in the menubar), go to “Info” and enter all the details you want to enter. The snippets pull their info from there.

This also makes sure the bundles signature stays intact.

Thanks, Bastian – yeah, that works, too (LOL) :wink:

Hi guys, I tried this already some days ago, and yes it works for the slideshow you are working on that moment. When you close FM5 session and start a new one, it goes back to the data it originally had :the fields are only populatted with my first name, they seems to have lost the second part of my name. In Other words the changes are not saved for those fields that had already an entry. When you add some data in a not used field this data is “saved” and appears upon reopening, but not what you changed Just try to alter the Title: Great slideshow into something else, create a (small slideshow) save it, close it all and re open the app: the title field will again show: Great Slideshow
Hope you see what I mean