First impression of BoinxTV version 2

I’m testing the beta version of the new BoinxTV. When I start I choose for the new project 1920x1080 25fps (standard new 1280x720 50fps). After start up I see that the output screen isn’t right, I check the settings and see 1920x720, when I change this to 1920x1080 the output screen adjust, and now eve thing is oké.

Would it be possible that we can rename the camera sources, now it is main camera, cam2 etc.

I don’t have the problem on my iMac but on my macbook pro, witch is the latest version, the FaceTime camera won’t work every time.

The Blackmagic ultrastudio 4K works perfect for video, camera in and program out at the same time.
Only no audio in, sdi or analoog, but you did mention that I won’t work.

Would it be possible in presenter 2D to change the position of signal B. The new drag function is great.

Saving the project as an template isn’t possible for the moment.

I really like the improvements, it works great and looks more stable

  1. good point, a bug we need to fix.

  2. yes this functionality will come back soon

  3. we have seen that on some MacBookPros as well, don’t know why yet

  4. Audio will come soon

  5. you can swap the positions in the presenter in the settings sidebar

  6. correct, will come back in the future

Thanks a lot for your feedback!