Final Cut Pro X plug-in?

Any news on a Noise Industries/Fotomagico plugin for Final Cut Pro X?

We are currently investigating possible solutions, but are extremely busy making everything fully Lion compatible.

For now it’s best to do your photo animations inside Motion 5, where the FxFactory plug-in continues to work as before.

Wondering if there has been a solution to this issue yet?

Does anyone have any information on this as it would help me make some important decision as soon as possible. Thanks, Courtney

There is no plugin for Final Cut X yet, I’m afraid. But of course you can use your exported shows from FotoMagico for after-editing in Final Cut.

yes, I’m doing that right now, the option would be so nice and quicker though. Do you see a solution in the future? Thanks for getting back to me!

I am sorry, we don’t have any roadmap for that, so don’t expect it in the near future.