Files gone missing

Hi, I’ve been with Fotomagico for a long time, and seeking advice here. Fortunately I’ve exported the completed job to further complete in iMovie. This morning when I decided to make some amendments, I realise all the work I’ve done in Fotomagico went missing. I try to locate them in the original file where I extract them from but doesn’t seem to allow me to select them. Please advice, technicians of boinx ! (Please see attached)

Secondly , the reason I need further completion in IMovie because I noticed when I inserted the edited video (which I did in iMovie) into fotomagico, the main problem is the music will go into lower volume and went back to normal volume when it’s displaying photos. Secondly, on many occasions in the playback, the video doesn’t show up for some reasons then resume after several attempts.

I like fotomagico but these problems need to be solve for me to continue supporting, thanks !

Uploading the attached (only 800 kb photo) also take ages here, so not sure if the attached will work !

Trying to upload the photo here also not working ! frustrating !

Sorry to hear you run into that many issues.
When you export something for iMovie, it is a video file. FotoMagico can’t open videos and re-convert them back to FotoMagico slideshow files since a video is a encoded version of the slideshow and a completely different kind of file.
You want to retrieve the FotoMagico Slideshow .fms file and open it in FotoMagico. Check the File > Recents menu entry or use spotlight and search for:
kind: FotoMagico
That will list all the FotoMagico Slideshows on your computer.

The second thing you are running into is actually a feature called ducking. FotoMagico will duck the music volume while a movie or secondary audio is playing. You can enable and disable this feature for individual videos. Simply select the video in the storyboard/timeline, go to the options sidebar and uncheck “ducking”.

I don’t fully understand the “the video doesn’t show up for some reasons”, maybe you can help me understand.