Filepath via HTTP API

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is it possible to change the file path attribute from a media file source via http api? That would be great to not have to keep a thousand different images in the project file, but to be able to exchange the images via API when needed.

Yes, you can send an “update” command to change the “filepath” of the media file. The media file will be reloaded automatically. Please find a sample URL in the mimoLive Manual in the section “Update the Source File Path of a Media File Source” on this page: Examples of API usage | mimoLive®

Let me know if this helps.

Hey @Achim_Boinx, thanks for the feedback. I had already seen the entry in the manual. I just tried again to change the path via HTTP command, I also think that I have taken everything into account, but it doesn’t work. The file path remains the same and does not change. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Can you share the URL you are using to update the file path so I can have a look?

Sure @Achim_Boinx . That is my test URL, the after ?update= is encoded:


You don’t need to encapsulate the “filepath” within the “attributes” and “data” container. Its just: http://lhmacbookpro21.local:8989/api/v1/documents/41790428/sources/41790428-873ABF30-F087-42AD-A7EB-08ECDA7170FF?update=%7B%22filepath%22%3A%22%2FUsers%2Flarshasenbein%2FPictures%2FTV%2Ftest-pattern-bd-m%201.png%22%7D

Ok @Achim_Boinx. I’ve tried that first and now with your URL, but if I put it in the browser, the attribute filepath disappeares fully. {"links":{"self":"\/api\/v1\/documents\/41790428\/sources\/41790428-873ABF30-F087-42AD-A7EB-08ECDA7170FF"},"data":{"id":"41790428-873ABF30-F087-42AD-A7EB-08ECDA7170FF","relationships":{"filters":{"links":{"related":"\/api\/v1\/documents\/41790428\/sources\/41790428-873ABF30-F087-42AD-A7EB-08ECDA7170FF\/filters"},"data":[]},"document":{"links":{"related":"\/api\/v1\/documents\/41790428"},"data":{"type":"documents","id":"41790428"}}},"links":{"self":"\/api\/v1\/documents\/41790428\/sources\/41790428-873ABF30-F087-42AD-A7EB-08ECDA7170FF"},"type":"sources","attributes":{"audio":false,"video":true,"summary":"Image. 1920 × 1080","tally-state":"off","gain":null,"is-static":true,"is-hidden":false,"name":"TESTSOURCE","source-type":"com.boinx.mimoLive.sources.imageSource"}},"included":[]}

I checked the code and unfortunately there is a bug preventing the update of the file path for newly created sources. To work around this bug, please add a media file to the mimoLive document, save, close and reopen the mimoLive document. Now the update filepath command should work as expected. This bug will be fixed in the next mimoLive release. Thanks for pointing this out! :slight_smile:

Wonderful. Now it works. Thank you very much @Achim_Boinx :slight_smile:

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