File Size

What is the optimum file size to bring into FM? My pictures begin life as raw capture on a 36 megapixel Nikon. After some corrections/enhancements they usually become 200MB 16 bit files each. My intended workflow is to create the slideshow in FM4, then to Roxio Toast Titanium burn to blu-ray, write via a LaCie burner, then play or share on blu-ray players feeding 1080P widescreen HD TV.

I image that reducing them to 8 bit files is recommended and flattening them of course, but then should i–in photoshop–reduce the file size even further. ??? The display devices could be 1024x768 rectangular pixels (16x9 aspect ratio) or larger.

I will have about 450 images plus a soundtrack.

In my opinion I would reduce the pics to the maximum size of the player you will use to see it. If it is on a TV then 1980x1080 will be fine for pics you just want to see full size.

If you want to pan and zoom into your picture make those ones a bit larger to retain the good quality (depends on your zoom).

Any larger pics will hog your computer resources with no benefit at all to your final slideshow. So, use a good balance of sizing your pics etc BEFORE bringing into FM and your computer will be very happy with you.

Thank you. That is what i thought, but before going to all that work i did want to validate this. I know the size of my TV, but will have to check what would the pixel size of fairly common large (54"? 60"?) be as I will be giving some copies out to friends.

@peregrineguy: As @Alanmac already mentioned you should look out for pixels, not for real screen size, because pixels is the parameter that matters. Go ahead with 1980x1080 pixels because this is the HD-TV specification.

If you use Photoshop you should have a look at its batch processing capabilities! Photoshop can resize all your 450 images automatically if you using this workflow.