File Size Impacts

I purchased FotoMagico tonight and immediately started working on a one-hour presentation on Glacier National Park for a camera club meeting in March. I have questions about the file size. (1) For a one-hour video, should I split the presentation into 2 or 3 smaller files. (2) How does the image file size effect the file size of a Quicktime movie file? (3) From Lightroom, should I export raw files to .jpg files for import into FotoMagico. Your help will be much appreciated in getting my project going.

Ft. Worth, Texas

  1. Unfortunately there is a bug in QuickTime the causes the export to fail for long slideshows. So splitting into smaller files will help you with that. In addition you don’t need to export the whole slideshow again, if you just want to change a small part in a certain section

  2. The QuickTime movie files isn’t depending on the source image files. The movie file size is depending on your video frame size, on the frame rate and which video codec you are using to export.

  3. When working with Lightroom, you should setup your thumbnail preview settings to be rendered full size in Lightroom. FotoMagico can only access those thumbnail images, because it can’t apply all the corrections and effects. If you are unsure about those settings but you want to make sure you are getting the best quality you should export the images from Lightroom as JPGs to your Desktop and drag&drop them into the FotoMagico storyboard from here.

BTW: The best way to present your slideshow is actually playing it back with the fullscreen playback option within FotoMagico. Please note that all the video formats you can export to never can meet the high quality FotoMagico brings to screen in terms of image quality (all your pixels uncompressed) and frame rate (60 fps vs. 30 fps with video).

Thanks for your prompt response. Please explain your comment “you don’t need to export the whole slideshow again, if you just want to change a small part in a certain section.”

If you have a large slideshow with about an hour of content this can take a day to export to a QuickTime file. If you want to change something in the slideshow you have to do the complete export again. If you slice up your slideshow into smaller FotoMagico documents (e.g. 20 minutes each) you only have to export a 20 minute piece again.

I just purchased Fotomagico this week and have a one hour presentation to build in 3 weeks, so your help is appreciated. I will be presenting with a PC projecting onto a screen. Is my best option for quality and speed to have three quicktime files?


While splitting your show into smaller QT chunks is an option, I’d just like to interject a comment here – and Achim already mentioned it in his reply on Feb 14. If there is ANY POSSIBLE WAY to present your slideshow directly off your computer (using a digital projector or connecting it using an HDMI cable to an HDTV), then THAT is the way to go. Save it as a stand-alone FotoMagico file and run that, or play it directly out of FotoMagico in the full screen mode.

If you split your show into multiple QT files, depending on the way you want to present it, of course, you’ll have that “dead time” between the end of one QT file and then having to start up the next one, losing continuity. You don’t want your audience to fidget!! :-/

I’ve created a slide show that runs approximatley 45 minutes, has almost 450 slides, has almost 20 pieces of music, and is over 3 GB in size. Compared to generating a QT file, creating a stand-alone player file does not take that much time and plays back in full resolution.

I can understand your not having access to a digital projector or HDTV, but you might want to spend the next 3 weeks considering locating one of THOSE as a possible option. In between working on your slide show, of course…

I am not a user of FotoMagico, simply trying to find out a little more about it before investing. I am interested in this topic as a new Mac user and ex PC user.

Reference is made above to playing back from a PC connected to a projector via FM directly, rather than creating a QT file. Is this possible from a PC as opposed to a MAC? I was not aware that FM could run on a PC.


Hi, John –

No, FM can’t run on a PC ;-(

You can create a slide show and save it as a QT file and THAT can run on a PC, but you’ll lose image quality. You obviously won’t do any better running that same QT file on a Mac.

The only way to maintain high resolution on your slideshows is to run it directly off your Mac – either as a stand-alone player (which runs on a Mac only), or from within FotoMagico (which runs on a Mac only).

Well, there IS a third option – burn it to a Blu-Ray disc and play it on a Blu-Ray player.

Thanks for getting back to me, I thought that would be the case. I am a PTE user which I use on Parallels and that gives me the option of creating a MAC version without any loss of quality.