File Recording not recording what is selected

[I’m using mimoLive 5.10.1 Beta 4] Note, tested in 5.10.1 release and still an issue. I’m using it to record a series of interviews and want the audio from the interviewee separate from the interviewer. I’m acting in a producer role and both the interviewer and interviewee are calling in via mimoCall (separate links obviously, not using the beta mimoCall). When I select the “Audio” source in the file recording output destination as the interviewee mimo-call only I get both the interviewer and the interviewee, when I was only expecting the interviewee’s audio. Interestingly the local audio is excluded but the two mimoCalls are somehow intertwined.

I can send the show and file recording privately if necessary.

Also, we’ve noted some crazy echo problems under different circumstances when using mimo-calls. Seems like the audio from multiple mimo calls are intermingling, and not just on the file recording destination. @Oliver_Boinx any suggestions or is this simply a bug that needs squashing?

Finally a minor “sort of” related bug. If you rename a mimo-call source, in the file recording output destination, if that renamed source is selected as the video and audio sources, the video source name updates to the new name given to the source, but the audio does not update.

Note, I just realized that 5.10.1 was released yesterday. Updated, but all issues described still present in the full release.

Thanks for checking the latest release. We’re currently building a tool that will help us to troubleshoot this. Occasionally, a mix will change its id and get replaced by the program mix in the selections. We’re building a tool to show the audio graph, so we can figure out when this happens.