Feature suggestions from a Podcaster

Just trying this out for the first time, our current setup is based around a Black Magic ATEM and multiple dedicated Skype machines, live cameras, media playback etc. We podcast weekly to 10k+ viewers.
I thought I’d post some initial thoughts here so that the devs might see.

MIDI control of parameters - especially useful for using dedicated hardware controllers for shots etc. eg: switching shots, adjusting levels of audio sources in real time.
Allow mapping of incoming MIDI signal to apply to specific parameters in MimoLive.

Exclusive button actions (in the editor), rather than have to add actions for various layers, eg: when switching to local camera, switch of caller1, screen, etc etc. Make an exclusive action - switch off all other layers (with possible exceptions)
Otherwise all other layers have to be manually added to each new layer or caller to ensure unwanted layers are not left active (perhaps I’m missing something?)

Anyhow, great piece of software. Seriously thinking about removing some complexity from our current setup and making it more portable.


Seconding the request for a “switch all other layers off” option. I’d also like the “set state to live/set state to off” option added to layers themselves rather than being kept in the remote control surface. I would much prefer to have

keystroke - layer on
ctrl-keystroke - layer off

than just being able to assign a keystroke to the toggle.