Feature Suggestion - Comment Window

Hi all.

After i found a solution to my problem i think it might be usefull to others as well. Maybe its a good idea so the Boinx Team could build it into Mimolive.

Here is the the Deal:

I was looking for a way to display incomming Comments from Facebook and Youtube to the person on Camera. Sure i could do it with a second Display attached to my Mac Book and place the Comments Window on that second Screen, but there are som downsides to that. First - I need the Second Display to preview some Sources. Second - iwould need to run long cables from the Operater Place to the Recording Set downstairs.

Thats what i did:
I found out that NDI Scan converter is able to capture the Comments window. So i sent the Comment Window via NDI to another Computer close to the Recording Set and displayed it via NDI Monitor on that Machine.

Doin so the talent on Cam was able to react to Comments as soon as the Operator switched them live.
Worked Perfect for me.

So here my whishlist to the Boinx Developers:

  • Please give us an Option to format (or at least alter the Font Size) the upper part of the Comment Window where the comment wich is actual switched live is beeing displayed .

  • An Option to send just the Comments Window to the HDMI Output (or any other physical output or NDI Output) That way you could choose to send the Comments Window to another Monitor hardwired (HDMI / Sdi whatever) or via NDI without the need of the extra Software NDI Scanconverter.

Let me know what you think.

@Raintrader Thank you for using mimoLive and for sharing your workflow.

Our current plan is to make the comments list available to the Remote Control Surface so you can use an iPad or other device to monitor and moderate the incoming comments. Would that work for you?

I guess that could work too if you make sure that the comments are displayed large enough so that they can be read from a distance.

Good point!