Feature request: round-mask layer

Very often I use the beautiful idea of displaying the guest speaker - a round mask.

  1. using through placer layer with png mask - constantly loads CPU (for some reason not even GPU?).
  2. there is no possibility to move the mask, to change the mask size - each time you have to redraw the png file with the mask into Photoshop.

make please a layer with a round mask that will not load the processor
Снимок экрана 2020-04-27 в 13.12.32

The upcoming mimoLive version 5.6 will have a new feature in the PIP Window layer: You can add an image as a mask. Because the window defines the area where the image is drawn the mask only needs to be the size of the window. If you move the window the mask will follow. If you want to try it already please download mimoLive 5.6 beta 2 from here: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/5.6b2

Feedback welcome!

Yep, i tried it.
Very cool, thanks
But there aren’t enough numerical settings for the mask size

I could create this as a custom layer for you using Quartz Composer if you are interested in commissioning it did.