Feature request: PTZ joystick integration

We’ll be using our new PTZ NDI camera at an event this weekend. At the past two events we’ve used the handheld IR remote for PTZ with some success. At the event this weekend we will be doing some work with an iPad as the control surface. I see that you can drag on the iPad to move the camera. We’re very curious as to how precise this is with regard to speed and smoothness.

Somewhere I think I read that the iPad control surface uses HTTP calls to the mimoLive host. Formal PTZ IP joysticks cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars - we only want to do PTZ, not fancy camera “stuff” or switching. It seems to me that a basic app (As part of mimoLive or a complementary second app that converts standard joystick commands to HTTP calls??) to take a standard joystick and integrate it into mimoLive would be awesome - I can’t find such an app anywhere. A good quality and affordable gaming joystick would be my hardware of choice. PTZ with variable speed.

mimoLive already has presets!