Feature Request for Mimocall

I use MimoLive to record remote presentations. These are not used live to web, but usually edited for later use.

The quality of the streaming video is not always great, so I like using MimoReporter to get a local record which is then uploaded later.

The new look of Mimoçall beta is great, much more flexible than the app, but I would love to be able to have that local recording too.

I second this request! This would be awesome, even better if the local record could be automatically uploaded to Mimolive somehow so that I don’t need to ask guests to get the file and upload separately. A further (somewhat crazy!) request would be to have some automated way to have the local, higher quality recording automatically substituted into some sort of mimo-live recording after the fact (a fcpx project maybe! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!)… or perhaps at least someway to later sync the two files (?timecode?). We do events that have a live audience, but the event is also recorded for later viewing – our audience for later viewing is much larger than the live audience.

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@Art_Aldrich @Kebbel That is a very good feature request! We will investigate if it is possible to do a local recording.

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Zencastr does this for audio really well (I’ve used it in the past)… but to do this for video would be amazing! https://zencastr.com

https://riverside.fm/ appears to do this for audio and video, but I’ve never used them, and frankly after using mimoLive I could never go back!

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Great request but not just the recording oliver but the file transfer aswell. idk maybe use the boinx connect account or some other account to be able to send the file to or something… I LOVE THIS FEATURE REQUEST!!!

Its Like professional news gathering.

Really could use the local recording right now (funny how these things seem to come in waves!)… I have a client that wasn’t super happy with the video quality (their connection issue)… looking at using riverside potentially for a future session… BUT … would much rather use mimoLive!!!

I just watched the Blackmagic ATEM Mini and Camera Update (https://youtu.be/roAvRBAurE8). A number of very cool things, but at the same time I was thinking how much more I can do with mimoLive in many circumstances! HOWEVER… the best thing was the ISO models where it would record everything … all inputs…all outputs AND creates a davinci resolve document with all of this merged together so that the edit could be further refined later. I watched this and drooled a bit on the possibilities. :drooling_face: I wish that mimoLive could do something like this and create a FCP document out of all the inputs…and ideally if local recording were added… the resulting file would have both the remotely recorded and locally recorded files.

Given a fast enough computer with a fast and big enough SSD, you can ISO record all the sources. It is very easy to use that to create a synchronized multi-track file in FCP if you also add a “clapper” sound at the beginning to help line them all up.

As for editing, it is not very easy to tell FCP (or Resolve) what to do with the various layers that give you graphics, PiP, Splitscreens and so on.

I think that the ATEM Mini Extreme is a relic of a past era. It’s trying to recreate traditional TV production in a low price setting. Modern live streaming is all about engaging the audience. Once the live stream is over, postproduction adds very little value to the viewers.

Every tool has its sweet spot. mimoLive is best when used live. Not sure what the ATEM Mini Extreme is best for. If you have 8 Kameras, you probably do not want it to be HDMI.

I agree with most of what you say, but currently most of our audience is watching after the fact. We’re using mimoLive in our workflow as both a live streaming and as a rapid content creation tool so that we create an amazing product in nearly the same amount of time as it took to record it. I’ll bring the recording into fcp to tweak it here and there but leave most of intact. If I could simply import a file, replace the streamed video with downloaded high quality local recording … you’d make me even happier with mimoLive than I am today! That said, of course I am a pragmatist and know that all of these things take time… and you need to make choices of what to spend your and your staff’s time on… and frankly given my near fan-boy accolades of mimolive, please know that I think you’re making the right ones…