Feature Request: custom colors for embedded Remote Control surface

I LOVE to use the web-based control surface in mimo to program my surface on 2 iPads and assigning different buttons and tasks to each one.
The problem about the buttons is that they have a limited palette of colors.
Most of the colors are poorly chosen, especially considering the text is always white and can’t be changed. E.G. having a yellow button with white text is useless:

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 21.43.39 Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 21.43.48

Secondly, I LOVE to assign the colors of the buttons to something that is easily identifiable in my program. e.g. if I have some blue graphics on screen I will assign a blue button for those graphics, so I can’t miss those and at a glance they are easy to find.

I believe that the user should find the usual ways of selecting colors:

  • A palette of pre-made colors, just as it is now

  • An option for being able to enter an RGB value and an hex code

  • An option with a color picker

Looking forward to hear other users’ opinions on this or additional ideas!