FEATURE REQUEST: better controls on the Slideshow layer

The Slideshow layer could be a powerful tool, but currently lacks many useful features.
here’s an initial list of what is missing:

  • “Previous Slide” button (there’s only a Next Slide now)
  • the option to have transitions also for the in/out, not only between slides
  • the option to not reset the slide when the layer goes off (so if you need to hide the layer, then you can show it live again from where you left it… now it always resets itself)
  • in the same way, a button to also reset it “on demand”, not only via the live status
  • the new buttons should be available in the remote control surface as well
  • the option to have the “video preview” status for a slideshow in the remote control surface (now you can’t preview a slideshow on the control surface, or at least I wasn’t able to do it)

I think these would be needed as basic additions to the layer.
Any chance to have these implemented?