Feature Request: Apple Audio Unit framework

Hey gang!

Just a quick request that is really missing from mimoLive. The same way we have the “fx” extensions for video to modify our sources in various ways, how come we don’t have the regular Apple Audio Unit as an “fx” for Audio sources?

It would be nice to at least have the flexibility to equalize, reverb, echo, etc audio sources the same way we do with video.

@macmaxpr Thanks for posting your feature request! I’m sure many people agree. Under the hood, this is already implemented, it is just very difficult to expose in the UI as we do not know a lot about how this is used. Do you know an app that has a good implementation on how to apply those Audio Units to a mix?

I would start by just implementing it on the source, not the mix.

If it is on the source we can be very specific to have the filter just run through a specific mic, person, instrument, or audio from video source. Maybe we just need to fix equalization on one microphone and not the whole mix.
That is why I originally figured that using the exact same implementation on the UI as the video source, by having an “fx” icon on that audio source layer that would bring up the AU menu.
That way, the UI is still exactly the same when it’s audio or video and people won’t get confused.

Adding it to the Audio MIX should be a separate project. But I guess it would make more sense if it is added to the Audio Mix Panel. Maybe modify the “gear” that takes you to the Dynamics Processor and include a new panel within that window that includes a list of available (active and inactive) Audio extensions (AU). But I am not sure of that current Dynamics Processor changes on each Audio MIX, or is it general to all mixes.
Just my 2 cents of course, not a UI expert. :wink: