FB Live To Public Only Goes To Friends

I am still having the issue where if I go LIVE to my personal profile, and set the Privacy to Public… it still streams to friends only on Facebook. If I set the Privacy to Public, and stream to a page, it works fine.

This has been the case over hundreds of Facebook Lives I do to my personal profile. In fact, it is part of my workflow now. Set up the live stream. Go live to my profile. Race over to my profile and witch to Public.

Any idea how or when this will be fixed?

I had been under the impression that it was a FB API issue. But I was just testing another FB live streaming tool (don’t worry, it’s too wimpy to be a competitor to MIMO Live), and that software had no problem of it switching the Privacy

@“Ray Lane” Thank you for reporting this. Can you please check if mimoLive has all the required rights on Facebook? Log into Facebook and go to “Settings” in the top right hand corner dropdown menu. Then, on the left, you’ll find “Apps”. In the list that comes up you’ll find mimoLive. Does it have “Public” set as the “App visibility and post audience”?

Dang! I think that was it. Thanks!