FB Live in groups

Good morning all! I am new to mimoLive and loving it so far.

When I am setting up for a FB Live, I see my personal profile and my pages. I do not see my groups.

How do I broadcast to groups?


Hi @dmarzean,

thanks for reaching out to us.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to stream to Facebook groups directly from mimoLive, as Facebook has not (yet) granted us permission to do so.
However, there is an easy workaround:

  1. Go to your group on facebook.com
  2. Click “Live Video” and then “Connect”
  3. Use the provided RTMP URL and stream key in mimoLive’s “Custom RTMP” streaming destination
  4. Go live in mimoLive and you should see your stream in your browser & you’re done.

I hope this helps. In any case, let us know!


Will give it a try. Will the comments layer still work with this setup?

@dmarzean Comments are only fetched automatically when mimoLive “knows” it’s streaming to Facebook or Youtube.
Due to the same permission/privacy issue that prevents you from streaming to a Facebook group directly from mimoLive, we currently can’t fetch comments for videos streamed by individuals. (But we’re working on that)

Streaming to Facebook currently works best when done as a Facebook Page, because then Facebook’s privacy restrictions are more relaxed.

Got it. Thanks for the info.

i think you can’t go live until you are the admin of the group...

Hello, I’ve the same problem. But I can’t see me in video. Is it correct the parametres?

I’m not sure about the link. What is the public url in RTMP ?

My group is secret

@Ninja Currently, streaming to Facebook Groups is not supported via the Facebook API. The workaround is to use RTMP streaming and enter the information manually. You can find the RTMP stream key and ingest server by going to the Discussions section of your Group in Facebook, click on the “Live Video” button, change to “Connect” at the top and copy the Server URL and Stream Key into the appropriate fields in mimoLive. (Use “Custom RTMP Server” from the Services menu). Once you see your video feed in the Facebook web page, you can click “Go Live” in the bottom right hand corner.

Hi, I see this thread is from 2018. Are there any news regarding using mimoLive to live stream in a Facebook group? Thanks!