Failing to import RAW from Nikon D5300


When using my D5300 iStopMotion will only import photos when I have my camera set to JPEG. When set to RAW, the camera takes the photo (I hear the shutter go etc.), but then iStopMotion informs me that it hasn’t received any photo.

I used to shoot RAW with my Canon 1000d so I know this isn’t a problem with the software. Any suggestions? (The D5300 doesn’t have a PTP mode in case anyone suggests that).


P.s This is the message that comes up:

“Capturing an image failed because the operation timed out.”

I’d recommend shooting in JPEG anyway. iStopMotion saves in 8-Bit images into the movie so you don’t really gain anything by capturing in RAW.

Thanks Bastian, I didn’t know that.

Do you know whether this level of compression causes any problems when shooting blue screen, and with grading?