Facebook Live 'Public' stream posts for 'Friends Only'

In the new version (2.4b2), when I set the stream up as ‘public’, but it posts the stream to ‘friends only’, so half the audience just writes comments about how they can’t see a video.

Thanks for reporting back! We thought that we had fixed this in the version 2.4 beta 2 you are using. I guess we need to have to have a look at it again.

That would be good :slight_smile:

Investigation shows that there is a problem with Facebook and the permissions you can give the mimoLive app there: Please, can you check if you gave mimoLive the correct permissions to stream to the public with your account? To do so follow this steps:

  • go to Facebook with your favorite internet browser
  • make sure you are logged in as the user you are using in mimoLive for streaming
  • in the blue top bar find the triangle on the right and click it, a drop down menu should appear
  • select “Settings” in this drop down menu to go to your account settings
  • in the left column find the “Apps” settings and click it, you should see one ore more apps appearing in the middle section representing all the apps which are working with your account
  • find “mimoLive” and click on it. A new popover should appear in the browser window with the settings for mimoLive
  • check the “App visibility and post audience” option. Set it to “Public”.
  • select “Save” at the bottom of the popover.

Unfortunately there is currently no way for us to detect this setting within mimoLive so we are not abel to warn you about this.

Does this solve your problem?