Facebook Like Layer not working as expected

using the Facebook Like Layer only works when set to “Current Live Video”.
Using Custom Post Id is not working at all or showing the Like of the previous selected “Current Live Video”

Some generall Questions:

if you are streaming via an RTMP server to Facebook how can i fetch the Likes then ??

Is the Custom Post Id Mode restricted to my own (Page/Profile/Groups) Posts or can i get display the Likes of any given Facebook Post ?

Would be great i someone could shine a Light on this.

The Facebook Likes layer should work with any Facebook posts from anyone. In the case of “Current Live Video” we are using the post ID we get from Facebook for this particular Facebook Live Stream. This only works if you are logged into your Facebook account in mimoLive preferences and use “Facebook” as your streaming destination. The Custom RTMP streaming won’t work in combination with the “Current Live Video” option of the layer.

It may help to switch the layer off and on again when changing the post ID.

Since this is version 1.0 of the layer please report back any issues! Thanks!