Facebook going RTMPS?

RTMPS possible in mimolive?

Yes. If you’re using the API built into mimoLive it already uses RTMPS. Of you use manual RTMP just prefix the server URL with rtmps: instead of rtmp:

Manual didn’t work, might be due to our company network.
In mimolive I cant create a setup for groups only news feed.
And - I couldn’t uncheck the SSL secure connection in FB to get RTMP.

How about microsoft Stream? Should that work in mimolive?
Its just the RTMP code, no stream key.

@janols The API is just used to get the RTMP ingest info for you, so if manual doesn’t work because the network blocks it, the API will also not work.

Microsoft Stream via RTMP should work, but we haven’t had a chance to test it yet. If it only requires the RTMP URL, leave the stream key empty.