Ext mic on PC mimocall not recognized

My co-host connects via mimoCall on Chrome on his PC running Windows 10. He has a TRRS lavalier which is plugged into a TRRS-to-USB adaptor. When he plugs the mic+adaptor into his PC and starts a mimoCall, it is not recognized as an audio source, and the PC’s built-in mic persists. The audio input dialog in mimoCall only lists the PC’s sound-card three or four times, and not the USB adaptor.


When my friend opens Skype – same config – Skype recognizes the mic+USB just fine.

Anyone know what we should be looking for in Chrome settings to make this work? I’d thought it was Windows or the PC itself, but when we did a Skype call (brought in via NDI) it worked fine so I’m assuming it’s a Chrome setting or mimoCall bug.

We can do this via Skype, but I’d rather not have the Skype logo on the screen, which we’d avoid using mimoCall.



Hello tell your friend to change the browser, chrome gives problems. Use Edge, Opera (excellent) or Firefox will have no problems

This is good news to hear. I’d always thought that Chrome was the preferred browser for mimoCall. Yes?

I will tell my friend to try one of these…probably Firefox. Thanks!


Still having the same issue, even with Firefox. We will try again with Edge.

Worst case scenario I will bring my co-host in via Skype/NDI, since Skype recognizes the ext mic, but I’d really like this to work natively with mimoCall.