Exporting to Vimeo

Another question here. When it comes to exporting on BoinxTV, I’ve gone through format after format, trying to find one that will upload directly to Vimeo. It seems that Vimeo doesn’t like .mov formats (especially Quicktime ones, which Boinx deals w/ exclusively).

I’d like to export from Boinx and NOT have to convert the file to MP4, because even when I choose the MP4 formats on Boinx, they either lose their HD quality or still don’t work.

Is this possible to do? Am I missing something?


You need to convert to mp4, but you don’t need to lose HD quality. Select “MPEG4” as the format in the “Transcode to QuickTime Format” section and then click “Customize”, set it to something like this: http://cl.ly/2b2b300R2B0z3H0s1e2S You can increase the Data Rate if the quality isn’t good enough. But for 720p, it should be fine.