Exporting RAW images


I am shooting a stop frame animation on a canon 5D Mii. I am shooting RAW into Istopmotion so that I can use the onion skinning and overlays to help with accuracy etc.

Is it possible to keep the original RAW files? As I only seem to be able to export PNG files. I need the RAW files or at the least a high res Jpg…

Any help would be great,


iStopMotion is converting the source images to the size of your project and storing them uncompressed in the project file. Currently the only way to get the 1:1 images you have to setup you project at the beginning to the pixel resolution your want to have in the end when exporting the PNGs. However, I think that this may cause the application to stall because of the big amount of data.

This doesn’t make sense… why stall when the software is bragging about having 10,000X10,000 Pixels support?