exporting from iStopMotion Express

iStopMotion express has HD1080 on the list of codecs, but only exports a .mov of 0 bytes. Am I doing something simple wrong?

I have the new iStopMotion on one mac and iStopMotion Express, purchased about 18 months ago, on another - I want to export material from both on the same settings - so I can edit them together. Am I going to have to upgrade to the new version (at no discount I see, although I spent twice the price on the express version)…

Thanks for any ideas.

Which versions of iStopMotion do you use? Which MacOS do you use? Do you have any 3rd party QuickTime-components installed in the “/Library/QuickTime/” folder?

Hi, sorry didn’t see your reply…

I’m using iStopMotion Express 2 on OS X 10.7.5. Sorry don’t know how to find the library folder? But I don’t think I have any 3rd party quicktime stuff.


Alternatively, can I open the iStopMotion Express project on the iStopMotion 3 that I have on my other laptop?

Library Folder: Got to your Finders Menu and select “Go > Go To Folder…”. You will get a window where to enter the following: “/Library/QuickTime/” (without the ") You will get a Finder window with the content of this folder. Please check what plugins are installed here. To uninstall them, move them to your desktop (remove them from the library folder, and restart iStopMotion.

iStopMotion 3: Yes, the iStopMotion 2 project files are compatible with iStopMotion 3.