I just made my first slideshow with Fotomagico and I can tell I’m going to love getting to know this program. I do not want to post this on the web however I would like to send it to a select group of my friends via email. I can’t seem to find the information I need to do this. Can anyone help me. Sorry I’m computer/technology challenged but trying.
Thanks, Ukrainian Al

If they have Mac’s, you can save the file as a standalone FotoMagico file that will run on their computers, in the same high resolution as your original slide show. They will not need FotoMagico to run it. They just double-click the file and it opens and runs.

If they are running Windows, you can save the file in .mp4 format that they can play using Quicktime, etc. It just won’t be in the highest res and will look “blurry.”

The bigger problem you’ll have is sending these files via email. Depending on the size of your slide show, they may not send easily due to their size. You might try something like wetransfer.com to send very large files.

I tried this same solution with WeTransfer… the problem is when you use there service the xxx.app is zipped before sending and when it arrives, the client sees a message saying the file is damaged !
WeTransfer comment on this by saying that all files are zipped when more then one file is uploaded :frowning: