"Export Your Recording" Taking Forever

I recorded a 2 hour graduation yesterday. 32% of the memory used most of the time. i finished adding a lower thrid and then the memory usage went to 800%+. BoinxTV freezes, regains control, then freezes once again. It regains control, and in fear that I would loose the whole graduation, i stopped the video and began to export it. Export started at 9:30PM on Sunday Evening. (May 6th 2012) The video is still exporting!..16 Hours Later. 1:30PM Monday Afternoon. (May 7th 2012) It’s only about 5% complete right now. At this rate, it could take a week just to export the video. I’m exporting it at web quality (320x???)

(MBP 15" 8GB mem Dec 2011 model)

My suggestion, cancel exporting and reboot. Maybe the RAM is full. It seems like something went really wrong so that would be a good idea.
Just to make sure: You don’t have to export after a recording. There uncompressed recording will always be in your destination folder (Most likely the movies folder), you can re-export it any time by opening BoinxTV and going to File > Export recording or use any other video converter that can read QuickTime AIC movies.

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