Export to Samsung TV

My objective is to export to a memory stick, plug the stick into a Samsung Smart TV, and view the slideshow. Which is the best format for this application, Apple TV or Quicktime. How does Apple TV differ from just regular TV?

If you want to plug in your memory stick into the Samsung Smart TV in order to let play back your slideshow by the Samsung TV you have to check what video format your Samsung system understands. Use this video codec to export your slideshow with the QUickTime Exporter option in FotoMagico.

On the other hand, the AppleTV is a small device which gets plugged in into your TV ( http://www.apple.com/appletv/ ). If you happen to have an AppleTV you don’t need to export in a special format, just use the “AppleTV” preset. The exported video file will be sent to iTunes on your computer. Then iTunes is responsible to synch the show to your AppleTV via your local network. No memory stick needed.