Export slideshow to movie without fade-in/out

When exporting a slideshow as a custom video, I’ve noticed that Fotomagico always fades in the first slide and fades out the last slide. This is a problem if the intention is to loop the video in Quicktime or another video player (say, for example, in a kiosk) where you don’t want any fades to black — just a constant looping of frames. How can I eliminate the fade in/out behavior so that the exported movie begins and ends with the slide itself (not black)?


Noticed this, too. And I, too, don’t want this fade to happen. Isn’t there anything I can do?

When you select from the main menu Share > Custom Video… you’ll be presented with a dialog box numbered Step 1 of 4 (Select Options). Towards the bottom you should see a box labeled “Fade Duration:” I think that defaults to 1.0 second (I didn’t check between restarts of the app), but if you enter “0” into that box, the resulting video should start immediately with your first slide showing (no fade in), and end with your last slide (no fade out). If you loop it in QT, you should get what you want.

Does that help – and does it work?

It works nicely. Thank you, Stantastic.