Export slide notes?

Helping a friend prepare for her presentation this weekend. She’s used the notes feature in FotoMagico that normally one would have access to in presenter mode (notes on the laptop screen, slideshow on the projector).

But - equipment issues mean she’s now going to be doing the presentation on an iMac, with no access to the presenter notes.

“No problem,” I thought. We’ll just export the notes to a text file and she’ll read from printed notes… except I don’t see any option to export the slide notes. Am I missing something, or is this something I need to put into “Feature Requests”?


Hello! I am pretty sorry, but currently FotoMagico can’t export the notes. I guess you have to copy and past them manually. Thank you for this feature request. Would you like to see a feature to print a script right from the app itself?

What I would like is to see notes on presenter screen with only slide show on main display for audience.


@fran: If you happen to have two monitors FotoMagico will ask you on which monitor you would like to run the slideshow. In that dialog you have a option popup at the bottom where you can choose to use a “Telepromter” which will be displayed in the document window. (Please make sure, that your document window is on the non-playback-screen in order for the telepromter to be visible.)


I would love to have an notes export feature as well. The teleprompter is a great aid and tool, however sometimes a written (printed) document is something else that is helpful, especially when speaking more or less in a freeform, you might miss points as the prompter is just showing one note during the visibility of the slide. Often longer text has to be split over multiple slides in order to keep up with the speed of the slide and length of the text. Sometimes I like to make additional notes to sides when questions out of the audience are appearing etc.

So take my vote for this feature please :slight_smile: (although the initial request is dating back to 2012)

Another reason is, when I prepare my show on my iMac I like to transfer the show to my MacBook (or a USB stick) with the option of the Standalone Player, the player itself does not include the notes nor the teleprompter so I need to have a printed version of my notes.

Maybe this can be included or achieved with an Apple Script as an interim solution?

Many thanks and cheers!