Export Quartz Layer from BoinxTV beta

Hey there,
I downloaded the BoinxTV beta, exported the layer “Sidebar Ad” and tried to open it with Quartz Composer. It opens but gives several errors that patches are missing. Any chance to get these patches?
Thank you!

Greetings from Munich! :wink:

Yes, the patches are available here: https://github.com/boinx/QCLua

Thanks Oliver!

Friday afternoon question: how can I import the source files for the plugin into my Quartz Composer (Version 4.6)? Do I have to compile it first?

When you’re releasing BoinxTV 1.9 I guess the plug-in will be integrated in the BoinxTV app. But how gets the plugin integrated in Quartz Composer so that I could use it to make custom layers?

BTW: The samples patches in the git produce an error, too.

@FloAlex: I guess you downloaded the file directly from gitHub by “Download the link to disk” from your browser. I tried that and got the very same error. Please use the “download the zip-archive”-button in the git menu (cloud-icon with a down-arrow and “ZIP” beside). After unzipping the folder it contains a “Samples” folder. Open the Quartz Compositions from here, this should work, if you installed the LUA plugin correctly.

Is the plug-in automatically installed with the BoinxTV Beta? Because I can’t find a compiled QCLUA.plugin in the git repository.
I complied the plugin myself now. Why is the plugin installation directory to the User-Library instead of /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins ?

Everything is running smoothly now. Thanks.
(Further question about making custom layers next week. Have a nice weekend!)

@FloAlex: 1) The BoinxTV 1.9 application contains the plugin and there is no need to install it into the users system. BoinxTV is able to use it from here. However you need to install the plugin in the public place when developing layers with Quartz Composer.
2) The lag of a downloadable binary of the QC-LUA plugin will be fixed soon. Thanks for reminding us.
3) You are free to install it to the System Library, too. But to do so you need to have admin rights on your machine which is not the case for all our users.

If you have further questions developing custom layers please feel free to create a new forum topic for each of your questions if they aren’t related closely.

Thanks Achim!
Nice weekend to you and all the Boinx Team!