export and format quicktime

I need elucidation for the 2 exported files exported with boinxtv

examples with 5 seconds recording

  1. with format h264
    file 1 : recording on jj/mm/yy .mov 977ko
    file 2 : recording on jj/mm/yy - exported.mov 19,7Mo
    export take 6 seconds

  2. with final cut pro 29.97 fps
    file 1 : recording on jj/mm/yy 2.mov 18,7mo
    file 2 : recording on jj/mm/yy 2- exported.mov 17,8
    export take 2 seconds

What is the best configuration for editing with final cut pro x ?

Fro Apples Website you can leanr the Final Cut Pro X runs best with Apple ProRes 422 codec:


However this codec needs lots of performance to encode it is not recommended to use this coded while recording to disk in BoinxTV! Thats why BoinxTV usually records with Apple Intermediate codec and converts the file in a post process to any format you specify. You properly don’t need to do this step with BoinxTV if you are letting Final Cut Pro X do the optimization for you (which seems to be the best choice!).