Exploration of the day: So many Canon-Cameras supported!

I got an old Canon 1100D, which does not support USB-Capture (out of the box). But Boinx found a way to bring it into mimoLive. It’s an outstanding exploration. The quality is amazing!

  • OpenSource-Project-Mac-App
  • Syphon-Source
    = brand new - old but damn good - Camera.

Please compare it side by side. Canon 1100D (FullHD, by the way) versus MacBookProM1-WebCam, both while LOW-LIGHT-conditions - Yes, I could have used a better lense for the canon camera, but I was to lazy to go to the storeroom):

How to?

Tested on:
macOS Big Sur (M1) / macOS Catalina (macPro2013 and on a Hackintosh)

Release downloads (direct link):

Thank you so much, @Oliver_Boinx, @Achim_Boinx and Team for adding this pearl!!! Now I have a playing around setup, for which I do not have to buy a new/modern camera! :heart:

Outstanding. I had to add this.