Existing Full HD Slidehow in 4K - create new Slideshow or upscale from Full HD to 4K?

Is the picture quality on my 55" 4K TV better, if i re-create my existing Full HD slidewhows in 4K?

Actual method:
RAW’s edited in LR / Capture 1, export JPG’s in Full HD size.
Then import in FM,so the pictures are all at 100% - no upscaling neccessary.
Export as FM Standalone Player

Options for 4K:

  1. Keep as it is (the TV does upscaling), no visible loss of picture quality
  2. Setting in FM to 4K, then the pictures will be upscaled to 200%
  3. New Export of RAW’s direct to 4K size and import to FM

Option 2: just have tried it - the pictures are still sharp (on 27" 5K iMac)
Option 3: the slideshow size will be increase to minimum double size (but still enough storage…)

Additional questions:
If i intend to play the slideshow as an mp4-file from NAS to TV:

  1. Which FM Settings should i use? The “Apple TV 4K” Setting or “Custom Video”?
  2. Should i use 24, 25, 30 or 60 as framerate?

Thanks in advance for your tipps and experiences.

@“Michael Mittau” Thanks for using FotoMagico!

If you do not export the JPGs in 4K, there will be no increase in quality, even if you export as a 4K video. If you re-export the pictures and replace the HD ones in your slideshow with the 4k ones, the quality should increase significantly. However, to see this, a really large screen is needed or you need to get very close to your TV.

Does your TV support h.265 (HEVC)?

It’s well established that using still files that meet or exceed 4K pixel widths, as well as high quality 4K video, downscaled to 1080P, improves the apparent quality of 1080 vs creating the show in 1080 with JPGS sized to 1920 wide. It’s important from a quality standpoint to never let the pixel width of the stills or video drop below 1920 wide if you’re going to view as a 1080P presentation.