Ex Serious Magic -Adobe Visual Communicator User Needs Advice

I’m an ex heavy user of Serious Magic/Adobe Visual Communicator and have been looking for a simple alternative, since Adobe killed the program. Any ex-users here? Can anyone compare Adobe V/C to MimoLive?

Many thanks,

I think a teleprompter is a must. Still hunting for a Serious Magic/Adobe Visual Communicator “look-alike” - and welcome more comments on this.

Currently, video output from layers is composed into the recorded video, so the contents of a “Teleprompter” layer would show in the video.

If you use mimoLive to record your video through the built-in iSight, you could use just about any web based teleprompter on-screen during recording.

The topic “Teleprompter” is on our wish list, but we have yet to come up with a great idea on how to implement it.

When we do our recordings, we usually use an external camera with a separate teleprompter.