Error when logging in to YouTube

I’m trying to authenticate my YouTube account in my new installation of Mimo Live. I am able to login but once I click allow on the permissions, I get the following error: “There has been an unknown accounts internal error. If the problem persists, please contact Boinx Software Support.”

Any ideas?

@danboni Thanks for using mimoLive. I apologize for the problems. Currently we’re working on the problem which is that mimoLive users collectively hit the YouTube API request limits due to a program bug in an older version. A workaround for live streaming is to use “Custom RTMP Server” and entering the RTMP server and streamkey for your YouTube account manually.

Thanks for the reply. That’s the configuration we ended up using as a workaround.

Any idea when the normal login method will be working?


@danboni The API limit is per day, so the next day, it will work again until the API limit is hit again. Some days, it is not hit, some days it is hit very early.

We’ve rolled out changes to mimoLive that would prevent the API limits to be hit this easily. Unfortunately, users tend to delay updates so we’re not seeing the effect we hoped. We’re exploring other alternatives.

Meanwhile, I’ve documented the workaround for anyone experiencing these login issues: