Equipment Needed?

Hello, I’m an intern at an arts organization in Colorado, USA, and we’re looking at possibly using BoinxTV as a way to create webinar programs. What equipment would be the best? We need two camaras, a microphone, and whatever else is needed. Any suggestions?

I guess I cant put it any better that our Example Configurations site:

I have follow up question on this subject.
Is there ANY possibility to use 3 cameras on MacBook Pro?


I think it would be very difficult for a number of reasons… One, if all three cameras are the same, they share the same FireWire identifier… Using the express card that is suggest you can just one more FireWire bus to accommodate a total of two cameras… Perhaps in the future there will be a thunderbolt option but not at the moment…the other limiting factor would be the MacBookPro itself… From everything i have read, Not enough graphic horse power…

Others an chime in if need be.


I couldn’t have put it any better Steven. Thanks!

Thanks guys. From whatever I’ve read on this forum it become pretty obvious that MacPro is only way to go.
Just for kick of it, I’ve started building my “dream machine”. At mark of 7K I’ve fainted :slight_smile:
Would you have recommendation as to what is necessary to have in the MacPro (perhaps not bare necessity as it is good idea to have some extra cushion) in order to run 4 cameras and stream BoinxTV to the internet?

I can not speak from experience yet… But I just ordered my own tricked out 12 core MacPro with 32gb of memory and the updated graphic card…
remember, each camera has to have its own FW identifier…either through separate FW buses or different cameras…

Should be interesting…

Good luck…check back with results to share

unfortunately, I think it’s time to get away from firewire cameras. I saw too much latency & with thunderbolt out, you have a much wider choice of cameras because almost everything will output a good signal to HDMI. a mac pro doesn’t have TB yet, but you could, in theory, use multiple capture cards.