Equipment I need

So, I’m trying to live stream games with 4 - 5 720p HD cameras. What specifications would I need on my MacBook Pro or Mac Pro? Thanks, ahead of time.

In this case I would recommend to use a HD switcher hardware before going into the computer. The problem is, that currently available hardware isn’t capable of playing back 4 or 5 HD video streams at the same time. Thats too much data for the internal bus. So you do the video camera switching in a separate box to get one video signal going into the machine.

Ok, thanks. What’s a hd switcher hardware you would recommend that’s cheap and effective?

To be honest, we don’t have first hand experience with hardware switchers, as we do our (3 camera) switching in BoinxTV (what, as Achim pointed out, won’t work for 4+ cameras). But in general, Datavideo is a company you want to look at:

Ok, so I’ve looked around and I think this might work. So I’m going to get the newest 2012 MacBook Pro without the Retina Display with a 1GB Nvidia 1GB GT650M graphics card. I’m going to use the Blackmagic-Design ATEM Television Studio switcher and run the software on the same computer as the BoinxTV so that I will get one 720P(HD) video source. Then I will hook up the Intensity Shuttle for USB3 capture card to capture it onto the computer to feed the one source into BoinxTV. However, one of my questions is that I need to stream the output feed into a computer that will stream it into the internet(using specialized software that’s only available on Windows). However, the MacBook Pro without Retina only outputs its graphics onto the Thunderbolt port. Using the Thunderbolt port and the Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt, I think I would get the output from BoinxTV into the other computer. So, here’s my two questions:

Is one HD source on a latest version MacBook Pro possible?
Can I use one Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt for both input and output or do I have to use one Intensity Shuttle on USB3 for input and the other Thunderbolt Shuttle for output?
Will BoinxTV recognize that it should output(and input if possible) the video on the Thunderbolt wire?

Ok I’ve contacted BlackMagic-Design and I’ve realized that it’s not possible using one device for input and output. So can I use the ATEM Switcher to input a H.264 stream and use the Thunderbolt to output it to the other computer? And I think that two HD sources is possible on the MacBook Pro, please confirm with me on that. (sorry I said one earlier). However, if two’s not possible, could I do one HD source? And, to repeat a question I’ve asked previously, will BoinxTV recognize to output it on the Thunderbolt wire.

As we don’t have a new MacBookPro yet I cant give you definite advice. I guess two HD streams should work. One Source will most definitely work. If you put a Thunderbolt/Minidisplayport to HDMI/DVI or VGA adapter at the end of the Thunderbolt chain, you can playout through BoinxTV on that. You cant playout to e.g. an Intensity Extreme though.


I am trying to use the Intensity Shuttle for USB3 on my new macbook pro retina, I can not get it to work, I was wondering if you have tried it yet?