emulating network camera for boinxtv


I want to use BoinxTv for producing a live gaming-show (with live-output in the internet).

The only problem I have, that I can’t connect every pc directly via cable to my macbook (because there are some gamers only connected via vnp into our network).

Wat would be the best way, to integrate their streams into boinxtv?
I thought, I might be possible, to emulate “network cameras” on the pc’s?
Or is there an easier way to do that?

For your background knowledge, I’m software developer for windows, but new in the MacOsX world.

Thanks for your help.


You may use a secondary monitor connected to your computer in order to have enough space for a VNC window reflecting the content of the remote PC. Then you can use a Screen Capture Source in BoinxTV to grab the portion of the screen to bring it into your gaming show in BoinxTV. Maybe a screen sharing session via Skype will work too. You also would need Sound Flower to grab the audio from Skype (or any other audio transmitting software) to bring it to BoinxTV. Have a look at this video tutorial http://docs.boinxtv.com/recording_in_a_video_call and http://docs.boinxtv.com/capture_audio_from_other_apps

Thanks for your response.
Capturing the screen is a good idea.
I will try this.