Editing Layers

Now that you allow multiple layers it would be advantageous to have the “visability” and “animation” edit bar in the timeline so that one could see the settings for all layers at once so that you could make more precise adjustments. Moving through the layers one by one is difficult.

Thanks, Michael

I agree too! That would be a tremendous help. Bill

+1 :slight_smile:

@MikeyB: Thanks for the feature suggestion. Can you do some mokup image on how this should look like with multiple layers?

I’d also like to see a finer control of the sliders in the “visibility” and “animation” edit bars. Right now the small arrows (at the bottom of the bars) SNAP to the ends and the transition points (where the yellow part of the bar meets the center white part), but nowhere else along the length of the bar. It would be nice to have more control of those in/out points – perhaps adding “detentes” (little snap-to markers, like on a ruler) above the bars spaced evenly across it. Perhaps 10 of them? Matching animation and visibility parameters from one slide to the next would be a lot easier, and provide more consistency in timing.